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AdMarsh is a multidisciplinary marketing resource. We subscribe to an integrated approach to promoting your business.

Our Capabilities

Design. Build. Market. Manage. Creating ideas and Collateral. Building brands and websites. Marketing products and businesses. Managing online stores and campaigns. Our mission: to create fresh, compelling messages that reach your target audience with a lasting and favorable impression. More importantly, its the integration of these core concepts across each marketing channel that creates the biggest success stories.

Advertising (Print and Online)
Regardless of the medium, a powerful ad campaign begins with a big idea. It takes its form through the artful execution of copywriting and art direction. The real power of advertising is the ability to motivate not just communicate.

Branding, Collateral and Graphic Design
Branding is a powerful distinguishing feature. It burns an impression of your company or product in the minds of your audience. Creating a brand is much more than designing a clever logo. Its the process of creating a personality.
Good design has power and purpose. It is the outward expression of an emotional branding experience. When your brochure or business stationary make an impression, you want the confidence of knowing that it will be an absolute stand out.

Web Design & Development
Developing a web presence involves more than tools and technology. Meaningful content and appropriate design are crucial to the success and impact of your internet marketing effort. Our services include: consumer, corporate and e-commerce design, and ongoing site maintenance to ensure your site is always current.

Internet Marketing
Attracting visitors to your site can be the most challenging aspect of internet marketing. And that makes the marketing effort an essential element in your web-based initiative. As competition for visitors grows each day, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Paid Search), Linking Strategies and Social Network Marketing have emerged as necessary marketing solutions. We have more information about HOA and CID.

Target Marketing (Traditional and eMarketing)
Traditional direct mail is a tactile medium where you can create and personalize the format. The message can be a simple postcard reminder, a colorful product catalog or even a sample delivered right into the hands of your prospect.
The proliferation of spam has made opt-in email campaigns all the more challenging. We abide by the latest regulations to make sure your emails get the highest delivery and click through rates.

New Business, New Product Launch
Starting a new business or launching a new product is where brand building and marketing integration are most crucial. This is when our diverse experience, and creativity really help you create that big impression that will help you outshine the competition.

Attention internet entrepreneurs, we have special packages just for you. If you are considering starting an online business or web-based store find out how easy we can make starting your online business.

Decisions made in media planning frequently involve as much creativity as decisions made during the creative process. When artfully approached, the final result is a logical weighting of reach, frequency, and continuity that enhances the effectiveness of the campaign and the efficiency of dollars spent.

In today's competitive environment traditional service is simply not enough to win and retain accounts. Companies that embrace technology, are able to work smarter and offer value-added services to their prospects and clients. more...

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